For an efficient solar panel installation it is indicated to secure the mounts of the panel on the roof’s rafters using stainless steel lag bolts. Such a wise procedure of solar panel installation will prevent you from having extra costs of removal and reinstallation that can occur if the installation process is not done secured.

If you are the owner of a home that has a shingle roof you should know that you will work quite easy with it. Instead, having a home with a tile roof can raise a lot of problems with the solar panel installation process as you can not easy carry the panels across the roof.

On a sloped roof the Fast Jack solar panel mounts are the most indicated to be used in the solar panel installation process as they attach the panels to the roof quite easy and secure. The next step is to align the mounts on the top of the rafters drawing a chalk line and carefully pre-drill so that you don’t split the rafters. Then use the stainless steel lag bolts to secure the mounts on the roof. Metal flashings are the ones that need to be added to the mounts in the next step of the solar panel installation. Using stainless steel bolts again will secure the metal rails. Next, the solar panels will be placed in groups of four. A thin layer of reflective roof coating will have to be applied on the roof and then you can go and connect the wires to the solar panel installation and see how it works.

Solar Panel Installation With Good Contractor

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